Check out this new Gainesville Sun article by Lucinda Faulkner Merritt, who writes:

Our laws have historically been written and interpreted to give precedence to business and commerce, to private property rights, to the idea of legal “standing,” and to the ability of state and federal laws to preempt local laws.

In particular, the legal concept of “standing” makes it almost impossible to argue for the restoration, protection and preservation of whole ecosystems (such as the Santa Fe River) unless you own all the land where those ecosystems exist. That’s because those ecosystems have no inherent rights of their own, hence no legal “standing.”

Lu Merritt, Sept. 2, 2019, Gainesville Sun

Lu Merritt goes on to raise some excellent questions regarding what our legal system can and cannot do in protecting our local commons, and suggests some next steps in where we should go from here. You can find the article at the Gainesville Sun.